PCLinuxOS 2009 beta 1 released

PCLinuxOS 2009 beta 1 released.

We’ve all been waiting for this, well actually we’ve all been waiting for PCLOS 2008 but well it seems texstar gave up on that idea.

Interestingly they planned to use kde 4 but apparently couldn’t get the same functionality as they could with kde 3.5.10; kde 4 will be included in the repositories once it’s been stabilized.


pardus 2008.1 review

So far has no noticeable differences between the last version therefore I will not review it. Instead I shall link you to my last review: Pardus 2008 review

I was expecting ked 4.1.1 to be in this release but apparently not, it’s actually quite hard to notice that anythings changed, the new install imported my old theme settings and the like.

Update: I found the reason for my mistake about kde, pardus 2008.1 has a livecd version with kde 4.1.1 this is to show the progress of pardus with kde 4, apparently it must not be ready to be used as a main desktop.

My experience with PCBSD 7

didn’t happen 😦

the installer was only able to recognise my windows partitions. I wanted to overwrite my 12GB ext3 partition and mount my 30GB ext3 partition as home unfortunately it seems that bsd cannot even identify ext3 partitions so no hope of salvaging my home files. My home partition has precious files on it so I cannot reformat it as the the bsd native file system (UFS?).

This is a real shame I thought reviewing pardus would be too similar to my other pardus review so I wanted to try something new.

update: It appears that its possible to mount ext3 partitions after install, information from a few years ago suggests bsd supports reading but not writing of ext3; I would like to know the current status of write support however even if it did have write support I still wouldn’t install pcbsd due to a mixture of laziness and my horrible experience of trying to mount ntfs drives in an old version of ubuntu.

new update: ext3 can be mounted as ext2 with read/write support however if I go back to linux I would have to rebuild the journal, I’m not sure how to do that and a quick google has yielded no results, any help would be much appreciated.

Pardus 2008.1 released

Pardus 2008.1 has been released.

Interestingly it comes with kde 4.1.1 therefore I will review it in just over a week (my reviewing process takes a week but it may take me awhile before i install the new pardus on my system).

Movie and Anime reviews

From now on this blog will include movie and anime reviews. Before this blog was dedicated to video game reviews and Linux/Other OS’s/general geekery. I will soon create a new page which details how I review things. I will also create a pages for anime and movie reviews respectively.

Update: Review system page added will make my reccomendation page soon.

vista slow to open large exe files? – fixed

Have you ever found that windows vista may take around 30 minutes – 1 hour to open a large exe file?

Most people will not notice this since it’s hard to find any programs that even come close to 1GB apart from those who like games – there are many free downloadable games on the internet some that can be several gigabytes usually MMORPGS or FPS’s.

So on topic: this slowness is caused by UAC (User Account Control) which is a supposed security measure which actually just annoys the user when they want to install a program. UAC seems to struggle with large files so you need to disable it.
– Control panel, user accounts, user account control – uncheck the box.

UAC can also slow down the boot time significantly; if vista booting takes more than 2-3 minutes try disabling UAC and that should speed up your boot.

Edit: Let it be known that microsoft admits “The reason we put UAC into the platform was to annoy users. I’m serious,” (David Cross, a product manager responsible for disigning UAC) Source

Linspire is gone

That’s right earlier this year Xandros bought out Linspire (source: http://www.linux.com/feature/144307)

Interestingly Xandros plans to completely revamp Freespire with a Debian code base. This is exciting news indeed I’ve been wondering if they were ever going to go beyond Freespire 2 back when I used Freespire I was highly impressed (although it felt too commercial and I much preferred synaptic to CnR). There have been many cries for a Debian based Freespire I’m not entirely sure why although I have heard that Debian based distro’s are faster, more responsive and easier to upgrade than their Ubuntu counterparts.

Where is BulletSpawn?

It’s been awhile since my last post (well 11 days) so I thought I’d say what’s going on. I’m waiting for a distribution with KDE 4.1 to be released so I can review it. Also I have a couple of other projects under wraps ‘Behind the BulletSpawn’ which will be a new blog about my personal life; I may also start an anime blog – mainly reviews and recommendations.

p.s. Another reason why i may not be posting is that super smash bros brawl has been devouring my life. If you own a wii go and buy super smash bros now!


Ok I’m back from Spain. Not much else to say really, I have nothing to write about as of yet.

However news to be excited about: KDE 4.1 is to be released in 2 days, so what’s so special about 4.1?

Well many people found that KDE 4 was either buggy or lacked functionality and the KDE developers admitted this. I haven’t really looked into KDE 4.1 but I heard it’s suppose to be suitable for common use.  Now it would be awesome if KDE 4 became mainstream not only is it pretty and shiny but apparently 25% faster than KDE 3. Which would be a godsend for my laptops 1.5 GHz processor; although the core 2 duo is pretty powerful it could still be faster.

2 week break from blogging

I’m having a 2 week holiday in Spain. So I’m probably not gonna make a post until I get back. In theory I suppose I could make a few posts as I am taking my laptop and I’m sure theres a wi-fi hotspot somewhere. But I highly doubt I’ll get a good opportunity to post and besides I wouldn’t know what to write anyway.

In other news I may start a new blog about my personal life. Since this seems to have become the number one stop for video game and linux reviews. Hell perhaps the first post of it could be about my holiday.

Your neighberhood nerd BulletSpawn
Signing off