Metal Gear Solid 4

This game is indescribable, It’s not really a ‘game’ as such more a cinematic with small sections of gameplay that links the cutscenes; as a video game it’s quite poor but as an experience it’s fantastic. The brilliant game play is still there’s just not enough of it. Newcomers won’t get nearly as much out of this game as us MGS vets, imagine this game as a 10-15 hour movie, anybody who comes in at the last quarter will find themselves scratching their head as to what’s going on (I’m sure newcomers expect to actually play the game) whereas those who have been playing since MGS 1/2 will find themselves relishing in the story’s final conclusive finally.

Personally I’ve completed MGS 1, completed MGS 2 three times and I’ve completed MGS 3 four times. The constant cinematic story was welcome to my bamboozled brain. The cutscenes in MGS 4 were actually a joy to watch unlike the cutscenes from the previous installments they never seemed long-windedly pointless (though not only are they super long but they are great in number) they only really drag on when you time them or need to go somewhere soon. Its a massive shame there isn’t much gameplay to be had due to the awesome action-packed cutscenes I’d dare say they actually replaced the intense gameplay with the cinematic.

so in short: if you’ve never played Metal Gear Solid before go buy MGS 1, if you’ve played the previous games and the story has left you curious go buy MGS 4, if you’re some kinda MGS fanboy who wants to see more snake or are desperate for at least an hour of solid stealth gameplay then you can buy MGS 4 aswell.

overall I give this game: 8/10, it lost 1 point for lacking gameplay and the other point was lost because newcomers won’t get as much out of it as long-term fans.

P.S Upon reading this it feels as if I’m being too negative, I really enjoyed this game; props to the MGS team they did a great job


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