Site update/Call Of Duty 4 review/ Condemned 2 first glance

Ok i’ve just changed the theme of my blog, I haven’t decided if it’s permanent yet so bear with me the next few days if i keep on tweaking things.

Ok this is going to be pretty short as COD 4 is simply a brilliant game. What’s there to say? the fps gaming is rock solid fun and the graphics are really good (note: I’m reviewing the ps3 version). I can’t fault the actual game in any real way (apart from perhaps a 5 minute cutscene where you really wanna shoot something but that’s just really if i had to nitpick). It’s a shame the game is so short; I played continuously for what felt like 5 hours and I completed story mode although looking at the stats I actually played for twice that long (time flies when your having fun). To increase its longevity COD 4 has an online multiplayer, at times it is quite addictive however its mainly just your standard: get shot in the back, shoot someone in the back or both hold the fire button until someone falls over; I suppose it’s probably better on PC with mouse-controlled guns. If you own a ps3 and you like first person shooters it is probably a sin not to own Call of duty 4 so you should go to amazon and buy it now!

Condemned 2 is an awesome game; the atmosphere is shit scary it truly brings honour to the term ‘survival horror’. Unlike certain survival horror games like Resident evil 4 where everything’s scary until you realise a shotgun blast can take an enemy’s head clean off in one shot (at which point the game becomes a merry fun-fest) the enemies in Condemned 2 are creepy, brutal and skilled. You can get away from most scrapes unharmed but you’ll allways focus on strategic fist fighting. For this game i wholeheartedly recommend a High-definition tv as standard definition really can’t capture the truly pant-wetting atmosphere and that is what horror is all about. I let my friend play Condemned for about 30 minutes and heres what he had to say: – I think he describes it better than I do. So why is this only a first glance? well i didn’t finish the game – I found myself getting either stuck or lost every 20 minutes (10 minutes of which was just random exploring or fighting bloodied hobo’s) I had it on rental so I sent it back due to accumulative frustration. Despite this I do recommend Condemned 2 to almost any gamer I actually give it a thumbs up.

P.S. if you do read one of my articles please leave a comment, according to blogspot 17 people have read my blog in total. I really want to feel like somebody is actually reading what I’m spending my time writing.


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