Condemned 2 officially gave me nightmares

I rented Condemned 2 approximately two weeks ago and due to the large amount of cheese I ate last night I had a horrific nightmare of a game I thought i put behind me two weeks ago…

(note: from here on I will document what I remember of my nightmare – please excuse any bad writing or grammatical mistakes as this is merely the rambling of a slightly traumatised teenager)

My entire dream was like a section out of Condemned 2 including the creepy atmosphere, my point of view, the way I moved…just generally the whole shebang was exactly like Condemned 2. Along with a few other refugees I was hiding in a hotel to keep away from the violent (zombified?) men, I found a few of them had infiltrated the hotel so I took it upon myself to shotgun my way through them, after a long bloody and truly horrifying battle I died and respawned in the room where I started except this time there were more of those horrific monstrosities of men, after going through a cycle of creeping around the hotel on edge, mutilating already mutilated guys, then respawning worse than I started. Eventually the whole hotel had become these beastly (zombies?). I had to gun down my friends with some rather conveniently placed guns and ammo, i found a large guy talking to a normal child and with my bolt-action rifle shot him through the head; afterwards he came running at me still with the bullethole in his forehead, I frantically reloaded and repeatedly shot him in the forehead but each shot only gave him another freaky hole and more blood dripping down his face which he spat at me inbetween punches and strangling. Eventually he grabbed my gun and started shouting at me as I desperately left-hooked him in the face all to no effect.

After that I woke up, dripping with sweat and soaked with fear, although it may not sound scary when told trust me it freaked the hell out of me. Anyone who’s played condemned will know the fear of the game, just try to imagine it being real and you can understand my traumatisation.


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