My experience with PCBSD 7

didn’t happen 😦

the installer was only able to recognise my windows partitions. I wanted to overwrite my 12GB ext3 partition and mount my 30GB ext3 partition as home unfortunately it seems that bsd cannot even identify ext3 partitions so no hope of salvaging my home files. My home partition has precious files on it so I cannot reformat it as the the bsd native file system (UFS?).

This is a real shame I thought reviewing pardus would be too similar to my other pardus review so I wanted to try something new.

update: It appears that its possible to mount ext3 partitions after install, information from a few years ago suggests bsd supports reading but not writing of ext3; I would like to know the current status of write support however even if it did have write support I still wouldn’t install pcbsd due to a mixture of laziness and my horrible experience of trying to mount ntfs drives in an old version of ubuntu.

new update: ext3 can be mounted as ext2 with read/write support however if I go back to linux I would have to rebuild the journal, I’m not sure how to do that and a quick google has yielded no results, any help would be much appreciated.


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  1. Lars on

    You can mount ext3 Partitions as ext2 with r/w support.
    The only drawback is, that you need to rebuild your ext3 journal when you boot Linux the next time.

    ext3 is just ext2+journal…

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