Review system


Ordinarily I like to give thing a rating out of 10 however for sometimes it’s hard to be specific on some things so harder choices will get a more vague rating out of 5.

0/5 stars: It’s actually painful to watch.

*  1/5 stars: Don’t watch it instead do something constructive even if it’s boring it’s probably not as a bad as a 1-star and your going to get something done.

** 2/5 stars: It’s bad you should only watch this if there is absolutely nothing to do for the next 1 1/2 hours.

*** 3/5: mediocre I personally don’t like it very much and probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone; this could all be down to taste so you can add another star if it’s your type of film.

**** 4/5: It was good, gets the bulletspawn thumbs up, would probably recommend it to my friends and readers.

***** 5/5: Brilliant film/anime watch it the next time you get a chance; here bulletspawn will stick his neck out and oppose anyone who didn’t like it.

****** 6/5: If it gets above a perfect mark it means that it is no longer a question of good or bad but more like a question of whether or not you have watched it; bulletspawn will no longer respect you if you have not seen this film/anime however at present I cannot think of a currently existing film that would achieve 6/5 (this is why it is above top marks).

Note: sometimes I will review with a scoring system out of 10 stars. I haven’t written about that since I’m sure that you can figure out how good it is by the number.


Horror films get a special second rating a ‘horror rating’ this is because bulletspawn likes horror and sometimes a good horror film is not necessarily very scary. (Note: horror rating is always out of 5, Note2: bulletspawn is a horror veteran and is very hard to scare therefore the horror rating will probably always seem very harsh. )

0/5: Not sure why it was even called a horror film at all.

* 1/5: Not scary at all but it did at least have some small element of horror

** 2/5: Not scary but there more elements of horror than a 1-star.

*** 3/5: I could see where it was supposed to be scary and might freak out somebody a little bit more frail, I may of jumped once or twice but not much.

**** 4/5: Pretty scary now I may have seriously jumped out my skin once or felt a spine tingling chill throughout the film.

***** 5/5: Unarguably scary I might of left the light on that night to help me sleep.

****** 6/5: beyond everything else the film haunted my mind for several days; may have resulted in sleep loss and perhaps made me a bit jumpy for awhile, apart from when I was very young no current films have mentally scarred me.

Video games:

Similar to the review system of Films/Anime with the star rating system however I would reccomend reading the review rather than just relying on the rating.

Linux distributions:

Unlike the other reviews linux distro’s do not rely on the star system. Distributions will be reviewed in individual categories (i.e. aesthetics, speed/stability, ease of use) I may provide a rating out of 5 or out of 10 but this is really only for reader convenience.


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