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Pardus 2008.1 released

Pardus 2008.1 has been released.

Interestingly it comes with kde 4.1.1 therefore I will review it in just over a week (my reviewing process takes a week but it may take me awhile before i install the new pardus on my system).



Ok I’m back from Spain. Not much else to say really, I have nothing to write about as of yet.

However news to be excited about: KDE 4.1 is to be released in 2 days, so what’s so special about 4.1?

Well many people found that KDE 4 was either buggy or lacked functionality and the KDE developers admitted this. I haven’t really looked into KDE 4.1 but I heard it’s suppose to be suitable for common use.  Now it would be awesome if KDE 4 became mainstream not only is it pretty and shiny but apparently 25% faster than KDE 3. Which would be a godsend for my laptops 1.5 GHz processor; although the core 2 duo is pretty powerful it could still be faster.