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PCLinuxOS 2009 beta 1 released

PCLinuxOS 2009 beta 1 released.

We’ve all been waiting for this, well actually we’ve all been waiting for PCLOS 2008 but well it seems texstar gave up on that idea.

Interestingly they planned to use kde 4 but apparently couldn’t get the same functionality as they could with kde 3.5.10; kde 4 will be included in the repositories once it’s been stabilized.


no pclinuxos yet, try pardus 2008 instead!

Well we got to July 1st without the latest release of pclinuxos so I was wrong again.

However I have found a promising distribution: Pardus

Pardus is quite low on distrowatch however after managing to find the English part of their website (by default both the website and distro are in Turkish although an English option can be selected) I have found a solid distribution. So exactly one week from now I will post a review of Pardus 2008; this will be my most professional review yet (by that I mean it will be split into categories and have screenshots).

My test machine:

generic Philliips laptop

1.5 GHz core 2 duo

2GB ram

Realtek sound card (older distributions generally do not support it)

Intel GMA 965 graphics chipset (Intel GMA x3100)

Review criteria:

Hardware support

Multimedia support


Ease of use


pclinuxos 2008?

So first linux review on it’s way; I expect pclinuxos 2008 to come out any day now. Last month texstar said he expected this release to come out sometime in June (source: so hopefully since its getting toward July pclinuxos should be right around the corner.

My theory is that they were waiting for the stable release of firefox 3, since that came out a while ago there’s probably some heavy work going on now. Though that said I first theorised that it would be released last march (I expected it to be scheduled for release in January but that was too close to the release of 2007). Later I theorised that it would come on May 20th (exactly one year after 2007). Soooo yeah it’s all speculation at the moment.

Anyway to the point, as soon as pclinuxos 2008 is released I will install it and use it for a week before reviewing it here on wordpress.

P.S. A bit of tasty information here: according to this reviewer pclinuxos 2008 will ship with kde 4 but I wouldn’t consider this a reliable source so¬† take from it what you will (source: